The Best Vegan Soul Food Restaurants in USA

Vegan soul food is sweeping the nation—think black-eyed peas, cornbread, collard greens, fried green tomatoes, grits, mac ‘n’ cheese, and fried “chicken” (for starters). Is your mouth watering yet? Visit one of these vegan soul restaurants to experience scrumptious, compassionate down-home cooking.

Detroit Vegan Soul

This soul food restaurant is killing it (kindly) with a second location opened in December 2016. CNN called the restaurant “the shiniest rising star in the vegan world.” Popular dishes include the Seitan Pepper Steak, the “Catfish” Tofu, and the Smothered Tempeh. Here you can consume 100% Plant-Based and Trans-fat Free meals prepared only with Organic Ingredients.

Location of Detroit Vegan Soul restaurants: 8029 Agnes St., Detroit, MI 48214 and 19614 Grand River Ave., Detroit, MI 48223.

Souley Vegan

You can peruse the vegan menu online, but beware of drooling on your computer keyboard. The Oakland, California, restaurant’s soulful offerings include Creole Style Spaghetti, Black Eye Pea Fritters, Souley V’s Chick’in (Seitan) Nachos, and okra gumbo.

Location of Souley Vegan: 301 Broadway Ave., Oakland, CA 94607.

NuVegan Cafe (Formerly, Woodlands Vegan Bistro)

If you are what you eat, we want to be anything that the NuVegan serves. That’s because everything there is 100 percent vegan, with organic and raw options. It has two locations, in Washington, D.C., and College Park, Maryland, and recently added a food truck to share the love throughout the nation’s capital.

Location of NuVegan Café: 2928 Georgia Ave., Washington, DC 20001 and 8150 Baltimore Ave., College Park, MD 20740.

B’Gabs Goodies

Located in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood, B’Gabs offers delicious items such as the Loaded Smashed Potato Bowl, nacho salad, jicama fries, and so much more than we want right now.

Location of B’Gabs Goodies: 1450 E. 57th St., Chicago, IL 60637.

Original Soul Vegetarian

This Chicago-based gem of a restaurant is dedicated to delicious vegan cuisine—and it’s been open for more than 34 years and counting.

Location of Original Soul Vegetarian: 203 E. 75th St., Chicago, IL 60619.

Soul Vegetarian South

This popular Atlanta-based spot isn’t related to the Chicago restaurant of the same name, but they both serve delicious food.

Location of Soul Vegetarian South: 879 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. S.W., Atlanta, GA 30310.

Soul Vegetarian Restaurant No. 2

Feast your eyes on this plate of tofu, mac ‘n’ cheese, yams, and cornbread from another Atlanta restaurant.

Location of Soul Vegetarian Restaurant No. 2: 652 N. Highland Ave. N.E., Atlanta, GA 30306.

Stuff I Eat

Reading the descriptions of Chef Babette Davis’ menu items is like being transported to vegan heaven. Their tacos are prepared with fresh, natural and 95% organic plant-based foods. The Restaurant Stuff I Eat offers catering service.

Location of Stuff I Eat: 114 N. Market St., Inglewood, CA 90301.

Soul Veg Tallahassee

This soulful restaurant started as a pair of food trucks and has since traded in its wheels for a brick-and-mortar location. Scrumptious dishes include spinach quiche, Battered Tofu, and Spice Jerk Tofu. It also offers catering and delivery services.

Location of Soul Veg Tallahassee Restaurant & Catering: 1205 S. Adams St., Tallahassee, FL 32301.

The Southern V

This Nashville, Tennessee, hot spot will satisfy your sweet tooth with doughnuts, sweet potato pie, caramel apple pie, ice cream cake, and more—in addition to classic savory dishes.

Location of the Southern V: 513 Fisk St., Nashville, TN 37203.

Khepra’s Raw Food Juice Bar

Raw foodists in Washington, D.C., are lucky to have Khepra’s nearby. Dishes such as Avocado Plantain Pie, Creamy Collards, and Jerk Eggplant and sweet treats such as Cashew Cheesecake and Apple Pear Goji Pie also make this restaurant a must-taste destination for visitors.

Location of Khepra’s Raw Food Juice Bar: 402 H St. N.E., Washington, DC 20002.

Seasoned Vegan

Harlem’s first full-service vegan restaurant, this family-run operation serves up gourmet soul food that puts a “soul food” twist on Asian, Italian, and Middle Eastern dishes. Its motto is “The food you love, veganized.”

Location of Seasoned Vegan: 55 St. Nicholas Ave., Harlem, NY 10026.

Belmont Vegetarian

Your taste buds will be tantalized by dishes such as meat-free BBQ Chicken, Pepper Steak, and Curry Chicken.

Location of Belmont Vegetarian Restaurant: 157 Belmont St., Worcester, MA 01608.

Drop Squad Kitchen

This 100 % vegan restaurant based in Wilmington, Delaware states their mission clearly: “In this wilderness of the Standard American Diet, our kitchen represents a new beginning for food, business, and community…unapologetically!”

Location of Drop Squad Kitchen: 928 Justison Street. Wilmington, DE 19801.

Vegan’s Delight

Specializing in Jamaican soul food, this Bronx-based restaurant, grocery store, and juice bar has been thriving since 1992. Interesting menu items include vegan fish and prawn dishes, pepper “steak,” and Eggplant Mélange.

Location of Vegan’s Delight: 3565-C Boston Rd., Bronx, NY 10469.


Mouthwatering, Creole-inspired items such as Southern-fried nuggets, gumbo, Creole zucchini wraps, and sweet corn polenta can be found at this New Orleans restaurant.

Location of Seed: 1330 Prytania St., New Orleans, LA 70130.

Go Vegetarian

This Atlanta-area restaurant doesn’t shy away from vegan meat and features items such as BBQ Vegan Pull Steak Sandwich, BBQ Vegan Rib Tips, and Vegan Sliced Roast Steak with Gravy, among many other hearty dishes.

Location of Go Vegetarian: 2179 Lawrenceville Hwy., Ste. H, Decatur, GA 30033.

Have you ever visit some of these Vegan Restaurants?