Quick healthy breakfast ideas – The most important meal of the day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you should start the day saturated with healthy nutrients. Laziness, lack of time and rush are the common reasons for skipping the breakfast. With our ideas for quick breakfast recipes, you can no longer find excuses for avoiding the breakfast. So, here are some ideas for healthy breakfast.

Do you know that only one egg in the morning is enough for the body to get power?

This is a result of the complex composition of the egg. It’s a source of proteins and essential vitamins. Next, the eggs are rich in choline, which is important for normal brain activities. They can be prepared in countless ways. If you want to prepare perfect soft boiled eggs, before boiling the eggs, you need to make a hole on the eggshell. This prevents egg cracking. So, for just 3 minutes, you can make boiled eggs and delicious seasonal salad, and your healthy breakfast is ready.

You should start the day with cereals.

Choose cereals rich in fiber and proteins. Oat is the best choice for cereals. You can make oatmeal with hot milk or yogurt. If you don’t enjoy the taste put some dark chocolate. Meal prepared this way is even healthier because dark chocolate improves the blood circulation and reduce cholesterol.

If you don’t have cereals at home you can make breakfast with wholegrain biscuits with milk or yogurt. If you are rushing, just put in your purse healthy biscuits from grains.

healthy breakfast

One banana for breakfast gives you strength

This yellow fruit is the best source of resistant starch. This type of starch is beneficial for human health because it prevents constipation. Further on, there is a belief that this starch can prevent some types of colon cancer. So far is proven that resistant starch has beneficial effects for normalizing of the blood sugar and insulin resistance (diabetes type 2 patients). For healthy breakfast, you can make a banana frappe. So peel one banana and put it in a blender together with milk and brown sugar. Instead of brown sugar, you can put honey. Then put the frappe into a fridge to cool down and then enjoy. Bananas also contain potassium, which helps for reducing the blood pressure. This is especially important for people suffering from hypertension.

Furthermore, you can enrich the cereal with bananas for balanced and healthy breakfast.

Ideas for a quick and healthy breakfast
  • Sandwich with butter and jam, a cup of yogurt or fruit juice (1-minute preparation),
  • Cornflakes or muesli with dried fruit and 1 oz. low-fat yogurt or fruit juice (1-minute preparation),
  • Boiled egg, sliced smoked turkey, bread, tomato and tea (5 minutes preparation),
  • Sandwich with low-fat cream, prosciutto, lettuce or tomato, tea or yogurt (2 minutes preparation).
Ideas for healthy breakfast at work

You can prepare some of the following sandwiches at home and take them at work:

  • Whole grain bread, tuna, lettuce, and corn.
  • Brown bread, chopped chicken, tomato, arugula, low-fat cream,
  • Whole grain bread, turkey slices, potato, and cucumber.

Try to make your sandwich with whole grain bread. Avoid sandwiches with ham and salami. You can make sandwiches with tuna, chicken, turkey, hard-boiled eggs and mushrooms. Always make a combination with vegetables. According to your taste, you can combine any of the following vegetables: watercress, arugula, basil leaves, asparagus, spinach, carrot, peppers or tomato.