How to make sugaring easy at home

Sugaring is an old natural method for body hair removal also known as traditional Arabic wax. It’s very gentle for the skin and it’s less painful than regular waxing hair removal method. Also, it doesn’t make irritation on the skin.

Sugaring paste is preparing with sugar, water, and lemon juice. So let`s start with hair removal.

Sugaring hair removal recipesugaring hair removal recipe

Take 2 cups of sugar, ¼ cup water, and ¼ cup lemon juice and put into a pot. Lemon juice must be without a pulp. Cook the mixture on medium heat. At the beginning, the mixture is white and then it will become transparent. When the mixture will start to boil, you should lower the heat. Remember that you must cook the mixture on medium heat with continuous mixing. Mixture slowly will begin to change its color. Usually is hard to determinate the color changes of the mixture as a result of the boiling bubbles at the surface. Therefore, you should remove the pot from the heat and get a sample from the mixture with a spoon. Now you can be able to see the color of the mixture.

When the mixture reaches the color, same as honey, the sugaring paste is ready. Just in case to be sure that you cook the mixture enough, take a cup of cold water and put a small amount of the sugaring paste into it. You should expect the occurrence of a small ball from the sugaring paste into a cup of cold water. If the mixture immediately melts without forming a ball, you should continue with boiling.

Let the sugaring paste become middle cold. Then move it to another pot. When it will become cold take a small amount with your hand and start to knead with your fingers. The sugaring paste should look like chewing gum. Remember that applying of the paste is in the opposite direction of the hair growth while the pulling off is in the direction of the hair growth.

Follow the next steps

  1. Your skin must be clean, so take a shower.
  2. Put a little baby powder on your skin. The powder reduces the skin moisture and prevents sticking of the paste into your skin. Also, it relieves the pain.
  3. Apply sugaring paste in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Then with quick moves pull in reverse direction. Take into count that your hair shouldn’t be very long because there is a risk of tearing. Start with a small area at first. Then, when you learn the scheme you will become braver and faster. For elimination of the paste sticking on your hands, you can use medical gloves.
  4. If you can’t rid of all hair, don’t be scared to repeat the procedure again. Sugaring paste is not irritating the skin.
  5. At the end, when you are done with sugaring, remove all remains from your skin only with lukewarm water.

Sugaring benefits 

  • Sugaring paste doesn’t contain any chemical ingredients, it’s all natural,
  • The hair are pulling directly from the roots, so the new one will be thinner and softer,
  • Because the hair is removing in the direction of its growth, the risk of hair tearing and occurrence of ingrown hair (subcutaneous fiber) is at minimum,
  • Any remains of the mixture can be easily removed from the skin or clothes because the mixture is soluble in water,
  • Sugaring is less painful than waxing,
  • It is very cheap and you can do it at home. After you learn the process for the preparation of the mixture, depilation will be fast.