How to get longer eyelashes?

Beautiful eyes are almost impossible to imagine without long and thick eyelashes. Longer eyelashes give greater visibility, sexuality, and mystery of the look. According to many surveys, men at first site notice the woman eyes. Hence it is not surprising that every woman wants to have beautiful eyelashes like the women who advertise mascara. However, the lucky one can boast naturally beautiful eyelashes, but most of the women have damaged eyelashes by removing traces of makeup from the eyes or by using false eyelashes.

Your eyelashes are small and very rare. Mascara don’t give you wow effect, applying false eyelashes can cause eye damage. Different varieties of serum products for eyelashes grow stimulation are available on the market but are very expensive.

Today we present you a recipe for homemade serum for natural growth of eyelashes. This is all you need for natural longer eyelashes:

  • Coconut oil,
  • Castor oil,
  • Avocado oil, and
  • Plastic bottle

Fill one-half from the bottle with coconut oil and another half of the bottle fill with castor oil and little avocado oil. Mix well and the serum is prepared.

Apply serum once a day on clean lashes before bedtime and clean the eyelashes with hot water in the morning. Before applying the serum shake the bottle. The serum can be applied with a finger, cotton ear buds or clean mascara brush. The serum effect will be visible after one week.

beautiful eyelashes

If this serum is not helpful to you, try the following natural beauty tips:

Eat food rich in vitamins A, E, and B. These vitamins will protect your eyelashes and will stimulate their growth.

Moisten olive oil on the roots of eyelashes and to their length and wait for five minutes. Then wash with lukewarm water. Repeat the procedure every day during one month and you will get longer eyelashes.

Apply Vaseline from the roots to the top of the eyelashes before bedtime. Next morning wash with lukewarm water.

Vitamin E oil is the best fighter against hair eyelashes and you can find it in any pharmacy. It can be used same as Vaseline.

Brush your eyelashes.

It sounds strange? By brushing the eyelashes can make a miracle for your eyelashes and stimulate their grow. You must brush eyelashes before you put mascara on it. Brush your eyelashes from time to time (not every day). The process is not time-consuming and can do much.

Drink green tea.

Caffeine and flavonoids found in green tea stimulate hair growth. If you don’t enjoy drinking green tea, then immerse the green tea bag in hot water, allow to cool and rub your eyes with cotton soaked in green tea.

Treat with aloe vera.

Before going to bed, apply aloe vera gel with a clean mascara brush. A better idea is to drink aloe vera juice for toxins elimination. Typically, what happens inside your body can be seen outside.

Massage your eyelids to get longer eyelashes.

Massaging of the eyelids increases circulation which increases blood flow to the skin surface and nourishes the hair follicles. Massage gently in a circular motion. If you have thin hair you can use this tip on the scalp.