Hit Vegan Documentary ‘PlantPure Nation’ Now Available Online for Free

Many of us may already be aware that a whole food, plant-based diet improves our health Also whole food, plant-based diet decreasing our carbon footprint and sparing the lives of innocent animals. However, we must remind ourselves that this public knowledge regarding plant-based nutrition is relatively new and not as widely accepted as we would desire.

Many documentaries, including What the Health?, Forks Over Knives, and Cowspiracy, have been made widely available and share the truths surrounding the broken animal agriculture system and how a plant-based diet improves health. Now another documentary on the same topic, Plant Pure Nation, is available for FREE on YouTube and Amazon Prime! Up until now, the documentary has only been available to buy or rent.

The film features Dr. T.Colin Campbell and his son, Nelson, working together to raise political awareness of the health benefits that come from consuming a vegan diet. According to their website, the team behind the film states, “PlantPure Nation explores the topical issues of the small family farmer, food deserts, modern medicine and the challenges of getting plant-based nutrition included in the political process.”

Plant Pure Nation focuses on pioneers of the plant-based nutrition movement and how they have revealed the truth and unmasked the hidden agendas of the corporate sector and how they have influenced our viewpoints on nutrition.

A whole foods plant-based diet is free of cholesterol and unhealthy fats and high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and despite what many believe, high in protein, too. Those who switch to a plant-based diet can improve their cardiovascular health, decreases their risk for Type 2 diabetes, and report elevated energy levels and improved digestion.

To learn more about the Plant Pure Nation mission, visit their website here.

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