Domino’s Launches 3 Vegan Pizzas in the Netherlands

Pizza giant Domino’s is set to launch three new all-vegan pizzas in the Netherlands! Starting on April 30th, the new plant-based pizzas will be available in all of the pizzeria’s Netherland establishments.

Domino’s Vegan Pizzas options: Margarita, BBQ, and the Spicy Vegan

Domino’s Netherland will offer three tasty vegan pizza options: the Vegan Margarita, BBQ Vegan, and the Spicy Vegan. Together with the Dutch Association for Veganism (NVV) Domino’s worked to ensure the pizzas are completely vegan!

Domino’s worked to improve on their dough recipe, with the new vegan recipe using only pure ingredients. “Our dough contained whey flakes for the taste and structure of the pizza. By removing this ingredient, we had to look again at the composition of the dough recipe. In addition, not only wanted to make a pizza with a vegan base but also seized the opportunity to improve the ‘standard’ dough,” said Tyla Robinson of Domino’s Netherland to Food Clicks.

Earlier this month, the Dutch government stated that a shift from animal to plant-based protein was “inevitable” in order to create a sustainable food system. And thankfully, companies such as Domino’s are responding to the shift. “The demand for plant products can no longer be stopped now that more and more people are discovering that you can live perfectly without animal products,” said Debby van Velzen, spokesperson for the Dutch Society for Veganism.

While we are thrilled Domino’s Netherland will have three new vegan pizzas for consumers to drool over, we do have to wonder why Domino’s doesn’t offer a vegan pizza option here in the United States. According to a recent Forbes article, restaurants that have ditched meat and eggs for plant-based options have seen increased sales of up to 1,000 percent. We’ll be anxiously awaiting vegan pizza options by Domino’s here in the States!