This Doctor Saving Lives with a Plant-Based Diet

When you think of traditional medicine nowadays, it goes a little something like this: you get sick, you go see the doctor and the doctor tells you to take a certain medication to feel better which may or may not keep you healthy. Modern day medicine really isn’t mainly about preventative medicine.

But there is one doctor is who changing that…without traditional medicine.

Dr. Baxter D. Montgomery is a Board Certified Cardiologist with years of experience in the latest medical practices and nutritional health. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Cardiology at the University of Texas in Houston, a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology (FACC) and the founder and president of the Houston Cardiac Association (HCA).

Having seen many patients suffer the consequences of chronic heart disease, Dr. Montgomery founded the Montgomery Heart & Wellness Center in 2006 with the mission to reverse and prevent life-threatening illnesses. Located in Houston, Texas, The Montgomery Heart & Wellness Center is a state-of-the-art wellness facility complete with all the technology and resources to provide comprehensive medical and wellness care.

Combining his medical practice with a food-driven lifestyle intervention, Dr. Montgomery introduces patients to a diet that helps reverse chronic conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, obesity and diabetes without medications or surgeries. He has refined this process and found positive results in severely ill patients over two decades.

“The body maintains itself, adjusts and repairs itself over time,” explains Dr. Montgomery. “As we replace our internal and external cells, the body has to have the right substances to replace them with. Replacing substances with the consumption of plant-based foods helps the body repair itself.”

“It’s not enough just to consume plant-based foods, one must consume zero servings of animal products. This may seem extreme, but I’ve seen individuals with severe health conditions completely reverse their conditions with minimally processed plant-based food. This allows diabetes to be reversed, blood pressure reversed, heart failure, and hypertension reversed as well.”

The Restaurant Garden Kitchen Health

Within Montgomery Health, they have a restaurant named Garden Kitchen Health. It is the only facility with an on-site plant-based restaurant that integrates with the hospital.

“Nature has provided us with the best nutrition possible,” writes Dr. Montgomery. “To maximize nutritional benefits, it’s best to eat food in its most natural state. For example, it’s better to eat a fresh apple than to drink processed apple juice with sugar. “Whole food” means eating the whole apple rather than some derivative. “Live food” means having it as fresh as possible without any processing. When you eat food in this state you will get many more vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytochemcials and other benefits from the food.”

“At Garden Kitchen, we help you stay healthy with food you will enjoy. Our whole, live, plant-based entrees, smoothies, snacks and desserts will keep you coming back for more. Feel free to check out our menu and order today.”