7 Memory improvement tips

You can’t remember what you wanted to say or what you ate yesterday. Also, you have low concentration, attention, bad working memory or bad studying memory. Read this article and practice the following memory improvement tips for boosting your brain concentration.

Gotu kola (Centella asiatica) also known like pennywort is Asian plant which contributes to stable cognitive function and memory improvement. This function means learning, thinking, knowledge using and intelligence improving. If you can find fresh pennywort you can add it to a salad or smoothie for enriching the nutritional value of the meal. Beside this, a lot of gotu kola products are available in markets and health food stores. You can take gotu kola supplements like pennywort teas or pennywort powder.

Ginkgo biloba is long-living three (average 1000 years) and it’s leaves and seeds are used for memory improvement and increasing the blood circulation to the brain. Despite this, ginkgo biloba can increase the peripheral circulation, boost the memory, and other brain activities. You should start with a small dose of ginkgo biloba extract (100 mg daily) and then you can increase the dose gradually. Many studies show that a ginkgo biloba supplement has slow action in the body. Therefore, continuously 6 months taking of ginkgo biloba is necessary for reaching the positive effect written before.

Improve your memory with magnesium.

This mineral is important for normal function of nervous system and memory improvement. It also takes a part in 300 enzyme steps in intermediary metabolism. Recommended daily dose of magnesium is 40-350 mg. The recommended dose depends on different category: baby, infant, teens, male, female, pregnant woman or nursing mother.Memory improvement with food rich in magnesium

The best natural sources of magnesium are sunflower seeds, almond, walnut, soybean, bananas, orange, fig, and potato. Only 3 oz sunflower seeds can provide you 350mg magnesium. Each day try to eat 1 oz nuts and lot of fruit and vegetable.

Take zinc for memory improvement.

The human body absorbs only 33% of zinc taken by food or supplement. A daily dose of zinc is 5-19mg and its absorption is not proportional to the taken dose. For example, if you take more quantity of zinc your body will slow the process of zinc absorption. Zinc have a catalytic function for all 6 class of enzymes (make metal – enzyme complex). It also has regulatory role connected with the gene expression and gives us protective shield against gamma radiation and endotoxins. Besides this, zinc helps for obtaining a stable cognitive function and memory improvement. The following foods are zinc rich: oysters, crab, lobster, beef, lamb, chicken, pork. Wheat germ, pumpkin seed, nuts, beans, dark chocolate, and mushrooms are also rich in zinc.

Eating food high in Selenium protects the cells from oxidation stress. The recommended dose of selenium is 70 µg a day. Sea-food (tuna, salmon, oysters, and shrimp) is the best source of selenium. On the other hand, they have low calories value. Other foods rich in selenium are mushrooms, sunflower seeds, nuts, pork, chicken, eggs, beef, and cheese.

Take food rich in Vitamin E for memory improvement.

Vitamin E, together with the selenium are well-known antioxidants which prevent the risk of Alzheimer’s and vascular disease. Good sources of vitamin E are sweet potatoes, almonds, hazelnut, mango. Vitamin E isn’t found in the meat. Recommended daily dose of vitamin E is 8-10 mg.

 if you have to HAVE surgery don’t take vitamin E

Vitamin E in the body can improve the blood circulation. It also can stop the absorption of vitamin K which plays a role in blood clotting.

Eat food rich with Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6). Pyridoxine nourishes the central nervous system and positively influences for improvement of the memory. Generally, daily recommended dose of Vitamin B6 for females is 1.6 mg and 2mg for males. Another fact which is also important is that the quantity of Vitamin B6 depends on the amount of the taken protein. This is important because the pyridoxine is necessary for basic metabolism during the transamination process (transmission of amino acids). You should consume food rich with vitamin B6 such as bananas, meat, fish, potatoes, avocados, and cereals.