12 Reasons To Go Plant-Based

Everyone has his or her own reasons for going plant-based. Whether it’s because of doctor’s orders, an eye-opening documentary, or a pushy friend, many of us find ourselves in the wonderful world of plant-based eating one way or another. But maybe you still need a little plant-based inspiration. So here you go: 12 fantastic reasons that eating plants will change your life.

1. You’ll lose weight

Generally speaking, plants are low in calories and high in nutrients. This means that eating plants will give your body a big nutritional bang for its buck. So you’ll eat less, need less and feel fuller. Also, plants help keep us regular (you know, expelling waste), which helps us stay slim and toned.

2. You’ll digest like a pro.

Plants, particularly raw plants, have oodles of nutrients in them. That means that when you’re eating plants, your body has to do little work to digest your food. Eating natural, whole foods, is like plugging a destination into a GPS. The process is easy, efficient, pleasant and works perfectly without any extra effort or stress on your part.

Eating processed foods, on the other hand, is more like using your grandmother’s outdated map to try to get you to your destination. It’s a struggle, you’ll probably get carsick and by the time you’ve arrived you’re just going to want to take a nap.

3. You’ll have an unbelievable amount of energy.

You know those annoyingly awesome people that hop out of bed, super stoked to greet the day? That will be you!

Plants give our bodies instant energy! Since they require so little digestion, their nutrients (and plants are chock full of nutrients) shoot right into our blood stream to give us instant, lasting energy. Plus, expelling waste on a regular basis thanks to all the fiber in plants is also very energizing, as waste literally weighs us down and makes us feel sluggish.

4. You’ll save money.

Superfoods aside, plants cost less than meat. When dining out, the vegetarian options are always cheaper than the animal ones. When shopping at a grocery store, a head of broccoli is always less than a filet of fish. Learn to cook primarily with plants and watch your body AND bank account get happier.

5. You’ll never worry about (counting) calories again.

Eating plants means eating box-less, package-less, totally natural, unprocessed foods. So there won’t be any more labels and calorie contents to worry about. Plus, as you eat more plants, your body becomes cleaner, absorbs more nutrients and feels more full and more satisfied more quickly so you’ll be eating less calories without even knowing it (and without even having to keep track).

6. You’ll get glowing skin and naturally shining hair and nails.

Your hair, your eyes, your skin, your nails — everything starts to glow as you gobble down plants. The detoxifying effects of plants, mixed with the elimination benefits of plants, combined with the easily-digestible aspect of plants means less internal toxins giving us acne, less stuck matter giving us baggy eyes, more nutrients to make our hair shine and less time spent on digesting and more time spent on beautifying. Plus, fruits and veggies themselves contain beautifying vitamins, such as the vitamin C in sweet potatoes (which boosts collagen and smooths wrinkles) and lycopene in tomatoes (which helps protect skin from the sun).

7. You’ll sleep better.

Eating a diet filled with a rainbow of fruits and veggies is your key to getting balanced nutrition, and balanced nutrition is crucial for getting stellar sleep. Constantly getting a steady and diverse supply of nutrients provides our bodies with the materials necessary for replacing aging cells with new, lively cells and also helps lower our cortisol levels which helps us relax into deep sleep easier. Plus, balanced nutrition helps manage cravings, so we’re not consuming as many sleep-inhibiting stimulants like processed sugars and caffeinated sodas.

8. You’ll think clearer.

Eating more plant foods means eating less processed foods which are the biggest thieves of your mental clarity. Plus, eating more plant foods means more efficient digestion, and more efficient digestion means more energy and time your body can spend on doing other things like thinking clearly.

9. You’ll have better sex.

The more colorful the plants you eat, the greater diversity of nutrients you are getting, and believe it or not, having an abundance of nutrients improves your sex life. Specifically, though, zinc, found in chickpeas and pumpkin seeds boosts testosterone production which increases sexual desire and stamina. B vitamins, found in bananas, beans and lentils, affects the amount of sex hormone that is released into the body.

Also, a lack of B-vitamins can cause lethargy, which is the opposite of “in the mood.” Same with a vitamin D deficiency, which can lead to depression. Other vitamins and nutrients play roles too, but the bottom line is to eat all the colors to ensure all of your organs are at their best for sexy time.

10. You’ll be more relaxed.

Plants actually provide us with serotonin, melatonin and tryptophan, three neurotransmitters that help reduce anxiety and boost relaxation. Serotonin is found in fruits like pineapples, bananas, plums and tomatoes, melatonin is found in fenugreek seeds and tryptophan is found in beans and potatoes.

11. You’ll be sick less.

Your immunity is tied to your gut. A healthy gut equals a healthy immune system. Lucky for you, eating a plant-based diet makes a gut really, really happy because the food is easily digestible and so good at facilitating elimination. Eating a plant based diet also means that you’re flooding your body with awesome immune-strengthening nutrients on a daily basis and not just loading up on sugary orange juice when you feel a cold coming on.

12. You’ll smile more.

Reaping all those benefits will give you tons of reasons to smile every single day! So, there is no reasons to wait. Go plant-based and live a healthy life.

source: www.mindbodygreen.com